Forefront's Guiding investment Principles

Diversification and risk management underlie our investment philosophy. We believe in being in the forefront of innovation in finance research and strategy. We and our clients teach each other.

Global Investing Across Multiple Asset Classes And Disciplines

As an asset manager or advisor, Forefront pursues attractive risk-adjusted returns. We’re experienced and versatile in accessing investments through a wide range of asset classes, platforms, and risk characteristics, across the world, we also have a wealth of knowledge in disciplines incorporating fundamental analysis and portfolio manager discretion. Regardless of the particular strategy, we like to make decisions using an analytical approach that seeks to identify and weigh potential risks and rewards.

Risk-Managed Solutions

Forefront offers a select group of advisors a partnership opportunity, and offers clients differentiated risk-based asset allocation and inventories of potential customizable fulfillment options, as well as marketing and communications support.

Discretionary Asset Management

Forefront manages discretionary assets for institutions and individuals and directly manages hedge fund beta strategies for access to alternative risks as portfolio diversifiers. We use our proprietary analytics and focus risk drivers as well as our knowledge of fund strategies and managers to better serve the investment purposes of our clients.

Want to Learn More?

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