Diversification and risk management are at the heart of our investment philosophy. We believe in being in the forefront of primary innovation in research and strategy in support of this philosophy. In addition, our business principles underlie everything we endeavor to do. Among them:



Clients First


It is our goal and objective to place the interests and well-being of our clients above our own. We believe that informed and knowledgeable investors are our best clients. We seek clients who share this belief.





Rigorous primary research is a cornerstone of our investment analysis and creates value for our clients. Consistent with our academic roots, we are committed to continuous innovation and research across all our business lines.





We strive to build, reward and retain a team motivated by the enjoyment of our work, competitive excellence, and camaraderie. Recognizing that we operate in an intensely competitive industry, we expect our employees and our firm to work harder than our peers. We hold our team and its members accountable for behaviors and results. We foster a Culture of Compliance. We devote resources, time and attention to conducting our business ethically, obeying the laws and regulations attendant to our activities.








Our Business Principles

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