Forefront manages discretionary assets for select institutional and ultra-high net worth family clients. Manager-of-manager clients benefit from our proprietary analytics and focus risk drivers as well as our knowledge of fund strategies and managers. Additionally, we directly manage hedge fund beta strategies designed to access alternative risks as portfolio diversifiers. Our mandates are typically customized to serve the investment purposes of our clients, and, where appropriate, we serve in a fiduciary role under ERISA.




Manager-of-manager mandates encompass hedge funds and other alternative investments. Solutions are optimized for each client according to the risk diversification desired, using factor analysis as a framework for approaching both allocation design and manager selection. Our in-house research and expertise in manager evaluation, along with ongoing independent assessment, is comparable to that found in much larger firms. Forefront has access to top-tier managers and conducts hundreds of interactions annually with managers within our universe.


Hedge Fund Investment Adviser


Forefront serves as the investment adviser for several fund strategies including a hedge fund beta strategy as well as a fund of funds.







Forefront Analytics and Threshold Group

Unveil Forefront Impact Resiliency Strategy,

an Innovative Risk-Management Strategy

for Impact Investment Portfolios







Impact Investing


Forefront manages portfolios of Socially Responsible Investing pooled funds in Separately Managed Account (SMA) structures, that are comprised of a highly diversified mix of mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) and meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Forefront's goal is to provide a liquid and transparent strategy that could serve as ballast in client portfolios seeking to target some upside and mitigate downside risk while adhering to ESG standards. The strategy invests in themes such as fossil free fuels, employment, and human rights.


Liquid Alternatives


The Forefront Liquid Alternatives model portfolio seeks exposures to risks that drive hedge fund returns which may act as diversifiers in otherwise traditional allocations while targeting lower long-run exposure to U.S. equity markets. The portfolio’s focus is on identifying investments with the potential for adding diversifying risk exposures (betas) rather than searching solely for (often fleeting) alpha. The investment selection and portfolio construction methodology uses many of the same tools and techniques hedge fund managers use to build and manage portfolios.

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